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Looking to build or improve your digital workplace? We provide both the tools and the expertise to make sure your organization is properly set up with a solid internal communication strategy, and a custom intranet software built to support your business objectives.

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We believe in the strength of collaboration. And the results are amazing.
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IC Thrive For
Human Resources

Transform the employee experience. Build a powerful employer brand, facilitate learning, and build leadership within your company. IC Source intranet software combined with IC Drive internal communications expertise helps HR Professionals strengthen:

  • Overall employee satisfaction
  • Knowledge transfer
  • Succession planning
  • Aligning employees with company vision
  • Retention of high performers

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IC Thrive For
The IT Department

Avoid third party costs with our 100% product support, take advantage of prebuilt tools, save time by delegating tasks to other departments and unify user experience with the ability to have all company information in one place.

  • Easy to set-up
  • Easy to delegate
  • Easy to manage and maintain
  • Easy for employees to use

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IC Thrive For

Establish a community of brand ambassadors by sharing company values, purpose, and initiatives through an Intranet. Make sure the intranet design is aligned with your brand guidelines and share successes to your team and beyond.

  • Share customer appreciation
  • Store and share marketing materials
  • Align internal and external communications
  • Share marketing initiatives with the organization

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IC Thrive for Internal

We recognize the number 1 reason for a successful intranet, is a solid internal communications plan. IC Source was built for the purpose of sharing information and has multiple channels to just that. IC Drive helps to organize your strategy to ensure your intranet is supporting your business objectives. Stop relying on email and use a platform built for internal communications.

  • Build a communication strategy
  • Use the right channel
  • Measure success
  • Make revisions and improvements

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IC Thrive

Working together to build thriving workplaces

  • IC Hub provided a system for internal communication that fostered relationship building. It has drastically improved employee morale and comradery, contributing to a real team dynamic within the company.

    Nell McCauley

    Communications Advisor - SEDC
  • Our previous intranet was so difficult to use, I had to run a half day training session just for the end users. Anything more advanced like form building required HTML code, and not everyone can do it, even with training. Now, with IC Hub, admin training is minimal because all the custom coding is already done. End users no longer require training because the interface is so intuitive. We bought it and boom out of the box – you have a house built.

    Kelly Swanson

    Sr. E-commerce Analyst - Travis Credit Union
  • When you’re dealing with as many resources and coworkers as we do, to be able to look them up and connect with them in a fast-paced environment, this is the tool. No matter where an employee is or what sort of computing device they’re using, this co-created database has become West Vancouver municipal government’s most widely used electronic resources.

    Kristin Wilkes

    Senior Manager, Information Technology Services - District of West Vancouver
  • One of the biggest reasons we have stayed with IC over the years is the support team. From the very beginning, they’ve just bent over backward. I haven't worked with anybody who hasn't been knowledgeable, professional, pleasant to work with and just so helpful.

    Mara Ambrose

    Executive Director - INPACT
  • I love that through our own support and blog, [we can] get ideas to involve staff along the way. We have a lot of content available they could leverage for their own training. IC is unique in that.

    Marian Doucette

    Online Communications Coordinator  - Huron County

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