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Free eBook: 101 Intranet Ideas

We’re excited to announce the launch of our new eBook: 101 Intranet Ideas. Industry thought-leaders and intranet managers share what they know in a collection of 101 snippets of advice…

101 Intranet Ideas

Thank You – 101 Intranet Ideas

The 2020 internal communications landscape

The 2020 internal communications landscape

…value of IC, however, is the lack of measurement and reporting. Only 20% of respondents said they regularly track impact, with 20% rarely doing any measurement at all. Yet 53%…

Internal communications best practices (1)

Workplace Communication Channels: Master them in four steps

This is an IC 101 Series Blog Post Sharing Communications Best Practices An effective workplace communication channel strategy is a communicator’s paintbrush. It’s the tool that delivers messages and is ultimately…

Does Your Intranet Need a Facelift?

Last July, we posted a blog called Intranet Design 101 which offered four useful tips on how to improve your intranets functionality, design and navigation. Here are some of the…

naming your intranet

Getting Creative with Intranet Names – 9 Examples

IConIC”, “E just had her baby girl, see Berlin’s pic on IConIC”. Other Intranet Name Examples With over 20 years in the intranet software business, we hear some pretty unique…

9 Insightful Ways to Hire for Company Culture Fit

Fun at the Expense of Productivity? Not a Chance

…your organization strike the balance between work and play? Please let us know by leaving your comments below. For more fun intranet ideas check out our 101 Intranet Ideas eBook….

Meet Vanessa: On the best intranet software company team

Meet Vanessa: The Best Intranet Software Demands The Best Staff

Summary: This week on ‘Meet The Team’ we are introducing Vanessa: the very talented web graphic designer who helps us make the best intranet software for small to mid size…