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As the resident content strategist at IC Thrive, Carla is passionate about stringing words and phrases together in clever ways. Still fresh off the boat from South Africa, you can find her at all the tourist attractions in Vancouver while drinking maple syrup with a straw. Lekker!

Inspiring Internal Communicators

Make an impact with your internal communications.

Reach your employees

It’s time to reach your employees wherever they are

Have you heard? Our new software tool, Reach, is live!   Reach is a dynamic internal communication […]
Emergency planning – Carla Lynn

Emergency planning: where to start

A year ago, you may have seemed irrational to lay out an emergency plan specifically […]
A guide to engaging remote employees

Collaboration and participation: engaging remote emp...

The first phase of remote working encouraged by the COVID-19 outbreak was about survival. Do employees have workstations […]
Using intranet for internal communcation

Using intranet for internal communication

We often get asked: what is the difference between intranet and internal communication?   In simple […]
It's time to meet your internal audience

IC 101: Meet your internal audience

In internal communications, it’s obvious who your audience is, right? If your first thought is […]
Crisis communication during COVID-19

Crisis communication during COVID-19

The recent outbreak of the Novel Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) has sent the world into a […]
Is content king? How to create an internal communications content plan

IC 101: Is content king?

The phrase “content is king” has been thrown around so much in the last few years, it’s […]
The 2020 internal communications landscape

The 2020 internal communications landscape

The only constant in the world is change. Trends change, industries change, and companies change. […]
best practices for effective communication in the workplace

IC 101: best practices for effective communication i...

Your boss handed you the portfolio of internal communications after it was listed as an upcoming business […]
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