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Maz attended BCIT and completed the Information Technology program. He has over 4 years of combined experience in the web development realm and has supported Intranet Connections for nearly two years. In his spare time, Maz enjoys hanging out with his family and trying to think of the 'next big thing'.

Inspiring Internal Communicators

Make an impact with your internal communications.

cool intranet solution

The Importance of a Cool Intranet Solution

Get out your binoculars folks. Beyond the hills is a massive group of young and […]

Harnessing the Benefits of Intranet Media

Greetings Intranet Followers and welcome Blogosphere Readers to another edition of the Intranet Connections Blog. […]
IC Thrive Business Intranet

Raise Your Glass! It’s Intranet Appreciation Day

Hello there, fellow intranet fanatic. Today, I bring you joy and another reason to celebrate […]

Glorious Intranet Search: Unmasked

Salutations fellow intranet dwellers! Let’s talk about our friend, intranet search. To this very day, […]

Nerdy Perspectives: How to Buy Intranet Software, Su...

I have one goal today: To share my 3-week experience working as part of an […]

The Chronicles of CUNA: Rebuilding an Employee Intranet

The Journey Begins Once upon a time (November 6th, 2006), in the land of the […]

Intranet Hoarding Syndrome (IHS)

Every year, thousands of intranet managers are faced with Intranet Hoarding Syndrome (IHS). This vicious […]
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