Best Practices

Best Practices

Your go-to guide for all types of business best practices! Dive into the articles below to make your business the best it can be.

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How to build an internal communications strategy that shows your value

Being reactive in your internal comms is a bit like […]

State of the Sector: How IC can help navigate 2022 and beyond

The past two years have been a wild ride. Since […]

How to improve internal communications collaboration and workflows

When it comes to improving internal communications, having a solid […]

Six change management tips for communicators

If we only learned one thing from the pandemic, it’s […]

Internal communication strategy: planning for 2022

No matter how long you have been in corporate communications, […]

Four important intranet best practices for financial organizations

Here are the intranet best practices we’ve uncovered after years of working closely with financial institutions all over the world.

Four steps to improve your intranet governance

Here's how to create a solid, streamlined intranet governance structure that keeps everyone on the same page.

Your guide to creating strong employee newsletters

How do you create solid employee newsletters that deliver your messages effectively every time? We’ve created a guide to get you started.

Three free tools and templates to improve your internal communicati...

Download these free resources to help simplify your internal communications planning, strategy, and content creation.

What is the difference between our intranet solution and SharePoint?

Many IC customers have made the switch from SharePoint. When […]

See why our banking clients LOVE their company intranet [examples]

We asked five of our banking clients about their experiences with our company intranet software. Here's what they had to say.

Migrating your intranet content to a SharePoint alternative

Here are 7 tips on how to alleviate the stress and successfully migrate content when switching your intranet to a SharePoint alternative.