Corporate Intranet

Corporate Intranet

We have tons of tips and tricks related to elevating your corporate intranet. Keep reading to make your intranet thrive, empower and more!

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What's the difference between a social and business intranet?

What's The Difference Between a Social and Business Intranet?

Summary: Striking a balance between a Business Intranet and a […]

What is the Difference Between Us and SharePoint?

Many IC customers have made the switch from SharePoint. When […]
Make the Switch from Discontinued Microsoft FrontPage

Make the Switch from Discontinued Microsoft FrontPage

Discontinued Microsoft Office FrontPage left a gap in functionality. From […]

How TV Sitcom "The Office" Would Have Used Intranet Software

Summary: How would Michael Scott and Dunder Mifflin have benefited from […]
Customer Success

Customer Success with Intranet Connections [5 Factors]

Summary: Lincoln Murphy’s 5 factors for customer success, and how […]
Boost Productivity

Is Having too many Programs Killing Productivity? Solve it with Int...

Summary: The slogan, “there’s an app for that” is truer than […]
Top 3 Methods of Document Retention

Top 3 Requirements of Document Retention

Summary: Create a document retention strategy for your organization using […]
The Challenges of Creating a Strategic Planning Process

The 5 Challenges of Creating a Strategic Planning Process

Employees are often head-down in the day-to-day operations of the […]
Project Management

Using Your Intranet for Project Management Tools

Streamline and organize projects with Project Management Tools on your […]
Sites, Pages & Apps

Understanding the Difference Between Intranet Sites, Pages & Apps

Summary: A breakdown of the difference between intranet sites, pages and […]
best sharepoint alternative

Best SharePoint Alternative: The Best in the Business

Discover why many of our customers have switched from SharePoint […]
company intranet

Popular Content Feeds Your Company Intranet Needs

Summary:  Popular content feeds for your company intranet with different use […]
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