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Product News

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Restore, review, and refine: announcing improvements to internal fo...

Your intranet is often an important hub for all your internal forms. Whether you’re collecting employee expenses, […]

Reach is now available on the Microsoft Marketplace!

Reach, IC Thrive’s internal communications platform, reached some incredible milestones this year. […]

Upgrade Source to 15.0 for our most powerful intranet search

Upgrade Source to 15.0 for our most powerful intranet search […]

Internal communications for a new product launch

A successful product launch will help prove the strategic importance of the product which will be extremely useful when it’s time to launch it externally.

Revolutionize Enterprise Search with Super Search

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No. And […]

Upgrade to 14.0 - Promote Employee Engagement Today!

Summary: Intranet Insights is here and ready for takeoff – […]

Measuring Employee Engagement With Intranet Insights – Stats at Eve...

Summary: To design Intranet Insights, we had many conversations with […]

Register Now For Our Webinar: Introducing Intranet Analytics and Me...

Summary: Join us for a webinar on June 21, 2017, to […]

Evaluating the Potential Value of Workplace by Facebook

Summary: Evaluating Facebook’s entry into the collaborative business platform market, […]

4 Ways ADsync Simplifies Employee Management on Your Credit Union I...

Summary: Several improvements and updates were made to ADsync in our […]

The Benefits of Upgrading to Policy Assist (Version 13.5)

Summary: Now that Policy Assist has been released, why should […]

What's New in Active Directory Synchronization (AD Sync)

Summary: With the latest release, Policy Assist, many improvements and […]
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