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Online hiring process

7 Tips for onboarding remote employees

COVID-19 has brought many changes to the way we live, […]
Why is employee engagement important while working remotely?

Why is employee engagement important while working remotely?

Remote working might have been thrust upon business in the […]
How to write better emails

Four tips to write better emails

Email is one of the most popular forms of communication […]
The difference between on-premise and cloud intranet

On-premise vs secure cloud intranet: which solution is better for y...

IC Thrive Source intranet was only available as an on-premise software […]
Why you need an employee feedback culture – Erin Raimondo

6 Ways to foster an employee feedback culture

One of the more slippery areas we look at when we’re assessing […]
Getting the internal communication metrics that matter

Communication metrics that matter

Effective communication in the workplace … Pipe dream mentioned in numerous […]
Improve your workplace communication in 5 days with an intranet

Fire up your communication in the workplace 5 days

We are very proud (and excited) to announce Source Quick Launch, an […]
Lessons from COVID-19: remote working and more

4 Lessons from the crisis: from remote working to software innovation

Winston Churchill famously said, “those that fail to learn from history, […]
Communicating bad news – Erin Raimondo

Communicating bad news

Humans have many ways to talk about communicating bad news. We […]
Intranet implementation : getting company buy-in

Intranet implementation: the psychology behind company buy-in

Implementing a new piece of software can be an extremely exciting but stressful […]
internal communications – Karen Johnston

An open letter to fellow corporate communicators

As the dust settles on our new reality, it comes as […]
Benefits of using intranet in a crisis

The benefits of using intranet in a crisis

In times of crisis, uncertainty or confusion within an organization […]
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