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It's time to meet your internal audience

Meet your internal audience

In internal communications, it’s obvious who your audience is, right? […]
Crisis communication during COVID-19

Crisis communication during COVID-19

The recent outbreak of the Novel Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) has […]
Is content king? How to create an internal communications content plan

How to Create High-Quality Content for Your Internal Communications...

The phrase “content is king” is thrown around a lot […]
Internal communications metrics to prove ROI

How do you measure internal communications?

It’s time to talk about proving return on investment (ROI) […]
Digital workflow pitfalls and lessons

Digital workflow pitfalls and lessons

In the past, the term “digital workflow” was a buzzword […]
Rob Nikkel on the importance of Building trust with employees

The importance of building trust with employees

In business, we spend a lot of time and energy […]
The 2020 internal communications landscape

The 2020 internal communications landscape

The only constant in the world is change. Trends change, […]
Misconceptions and myths about internal communications

It’s not just an email

Fellow internal communications professionals, when was the last time you were […]
14.5 Homepage Design Contest

Homepage Design Contest - Enter to Win a $100 Gift Card!

2020 Homepage Design Contest The Details: We’d love to see […]
IC Thrive logo

Intranet Connections is now IC Thrive!

Previously, we wrote a blog post about a moment of […]

12 Ways To Improve Your Company’s Internal Hiring Process

No hiring process is perfect. In a 2020 report, 74% […]
healthcare mergers and acquisitions

Amica Mature LifeStyle Inc. Healthcare Mergers and Acquisitions

Summary: In this case study, we discuss healthcare mergers and […]
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