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Inspiring Internal Communicators

Make an impact with your internal communications.

healthcare mergers and acquisitions

Amica Mature LifeStyle Inc. Healthcare Mergers and A...

Summary: In this case study, we discuss healthcare mergers and acquisitions, content management systems, and […]
healthcare intranet

Creative Tips For Your Healthcare Intranet

Summary: Intranet Connections partnered with Homewood Health to host a free webinar on creative tips […]
hospital intranet

Why Your Hospital Intranet Needs a Training Site

Summary: Why your Hospital Intranet needs a dedicated training site. Covered are the 3 key […]
hospital intranet

5 Key Benefits Of A Hospital Intranet

The healthcare sector is undergoing tremendous change these days due to regulatory, economic and technological […]

Lowering Hospital Costs Using a Healthcare Intranet

As the Product Manager at Intranet Connections, one of my responsibilities is to understand the overall […]
healthcare intranet for hospice

How Intranet Software Can Benefit Your Hospice / Pal...

Working as the Director of Marketing & Communications at Intranet Connections, I have the opportunity […]

Top Intranet Software Features Used by Finance and H...

Working for a Financial or Healthcare Organization and looking to get the most out of […]
intranet case study

Healthcare Intranet: From IT Program to Overall Corp...

Nothing is more satisfying than hearing about a happy customer’s positive experience with our intranet […]
employee engagement

3 Strategies to Improve Employee Engagement in Healt...

What exactly is employee engagement? Engaged employees are happy with their work, committed to the […]
Hospital Intranet

Healthcare Intranet Top 10 Product Enhancements

We have recently unveiled some exciting and innovative product enhancements at Intranet Connections, including the […]

Carolyn Douglas Joins Healthcare Thought Leaders at ...

We are excited to announce that our Intranet Connections’ Founder, Carolyn Douglas, has been asked […]

Does Your Healthcare Intranet Have a Pulse?

Recently our Intranet Engagement Consultant, Maz, worked alongside Northfield Hospital & Clinics to create and […]
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