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Steps to an effective employee referral program

3 Steps to an effective employee referral program

Word of mouth marketing is a powerful tactic. The right word can make your business, […]
Active listening

Active listening and more: 3 takeaways from the IABC...

This year’s International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) World Conference conference was, let’s say, a […]
Creative communications – takeaways from the IABC World Conference

Creative communications: 3 takeaways from the IABC W...

Creativity is a complicated term. Generally, people associate art, music, and performance with creativity. And yes, an artist is inherently […]

Customer Spotlight: How North Dakota's State Auditor...

On March 11, 2020, the world as we knew it changed. The president of the […]
How to create content that inspires the workplace

IC 101: How to create content that inspires

Communication is complicated. There are thousands of ways to package a message, and then even […]
Improve internal communication in times of uncertainty

5 Ways to improve internal communication times of un...

If we have learned anything from 2020 so far, it’s that uncertainty is inevitable. A major pandemic, massive job […]
Remote working etiquette

3 Remote working etiquette tips

What is proper remote working etiquette? We know, it’s difficult to navigate the concept of […]
Remote team building activities

5 Easy remote team building activities

COVID-19 has completely tossed the current world order and has caused major displacement and disarrangement […]
reach source integration

The game changer: The Source + Reach integration is ...

IC Thrive has been in the intranet game for over two decades. Earlier this year […]
video communcation

3 Arguments why video communication should be part o...

We’ve all heard the marketing trends – video is where it’s at whether we are […]
What is employee engagement

IC 101: What is employee engagement?

What is employee engagement and how does it relate to internal communication? Actually, they’re much more connected […]
Effective meeting strategies – Rob Nikkel

Meeting fatigue? 5 Effective meeting strategies to a...

Drained from the influx of online meetings? Hopping from meeting to meeting every day without ever making real progress? Welcome […]
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