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Travis Credit Union Case Study

By IC Thrive - Case Studies

Travis Credit Union replaced Microsoft FrontPage with IC Source and saved thousands of IT hours while becoming the go-to resource for company materials.


TCU’s previous intranet with Microsoft FrontPage was far too complicated and time consuming both from the developer’s standpoint, as well as the end-users. They needed a secure location that could house their documents and over 10,000 external links without exorbitant costs or IT resources.


Founded in 1951 by military and civilian workers at Travis Air Force Base in California, Travis Credit Union has 24 branches and over 600 employees. TCU believes believe that the building blocks of a better quality of life include home ownership, cars, home furnishings, the means to mange emergencies, and some level of planned leisure and financial predictability. They exist to help every day people to the spot they need to be in to accomplish their financial goals.

Main Quote

“The time-savings is incalculable. It’s in the thousands and thousands.”


“The time-savings is incalculable. It’s in the thousands and thousands”

20 years ago, Kelly Swanson’s full-time job was to manage the FrontPage (Microsoft) intranet at Travis Credit Union. Today, as the Sr. E-commerce Analyst, intranet administration is merely a side duty. “FrontPage was so difficult to use, I had to run a half day training session just for the end users. Anything more advanced like form building required HTML code, and not everyone can do it, even with training.” Now, with an out-of-the-box intranet, admin training is minimal because all the custom coding is already done. End users no longer require training because the interface is intuitive. “We bought it and boom out of the box – you have a house built.”

Unlimited Product Support

“Working with IC [Thrive] is like being part of the family”

And we always put family first. We’re a small company so we get to know our customers well. Whenever there is a problem, IC's customer experience team solves it. Having trouble? We remote in and it’s fixed. “You can’t say that about big companies, they don’t have the time.” In fact, our technical support is the reason why our average customer lifetime is 7 years. Our maintenance includes unlimited product support so that if there’s ever a bug, or a custom application you’re stuck on, we’re there to help. It’s the peace of mind knowing there won’t be lasting problems due to financial restraints other companies like SharePoint impose on their customers.

Small Company Charm

“You suggest a feature and it gets put into the next version. You don’t see that in SharePoint. That is dedication, that is the love of a product.”

Kelly is one of many customers who have helped the direction we’ve taken the software. There is a free-flowing communication channel between us and our customers, so when there is a product request, it goes directly to our sr. product manager.

“We’re always looking for new suggestions for our software upgrades, and our customers are the most knowledgeable. They’re the ones that are in there every day, using all these different applications in dozens of different industries. We love hearing how we’re doing, and how we can improve” NEIL

Securing The Database

Quote: “IC Source was designed for privacy. It stores our data right where we protect it, under our own roof.”

Credit Unions exist in a highly regulated industry, and house a massive amount of highly sensitive data. TCU needs a central location to store documents along with up to date policies for compliance standards. It must be accessible to all 600 employees across their 24 locations. More importantly, it must be secure. With intellectual property, credit reports, employee home addresses, and a database of over 10,000 external linking into sites such as the IRS, security is always top of mind.

TravisNet: Where Travis Credit Union gets their news first.

“TravisNet is a great way to get employees involved with each other.”

They have company wide news, policy updates, regulation guidelines, as well as social applications like ‘living the mission’. It’s also the best place to disseminate information. It’s immediate, and effective. Employee adoption is high because it’s the go-to source for time cards, ordering systems, access to medi-care and insurance. The enterprise search function makes a 1-click search easy to find exactly what you need, whether it's a colleague's phone number or a new policy.

  1. Easy to build custom applications for non-technical users
  2. 100% user adoption
  3. Central location for information sharing
  4. Low cost alternative to Microsoft
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