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We don't just build great intranets, we give you the expertise that empowers your company to custom build a corporate intranet that's fundamental to achieving your corporate goals.

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Outdated documents are relentlessly surfacing in every department, your employees have no idea what's going on in your business and your CEO is getting annoyed. Every intranet company is telling you they will solve all your problems with document management, company news, forms and features galore.

They hand you a corporate intranet. Maybe they'll even set it up for you for an extra fee. Then what? You're left on your own to figure out this monstrosity of 100+ features and functionality?

Corporate intranet software requires strategy. That's our forte.

So you've done all your research, compared all the features and functionality, price, and figured out your installation plan. Now what? People's behaviour's don't change overnight.

Just because you made a beautiful and functional intranet does not mean your employees will stop asking HR for the benefits package, even though it's on your intranet. Nor will it prevent your employees from saving policies to their desktop, even though the up to date version is on your intranet. People will still rely on emails even though they get lost or ignored, and won't always think to check the intranet for company updates.

Corporate intranet software requires careful planning to align with your business objectives, change management to change user behaviour, and analysis to ensure its working properly. We can help with that. That's why IC Thrive is different.

Benefits of Source Corporate Intranet

  • Build an intranet that supports your business' objectives
  • Follow IC's best practices to make sure employees actually use it

Worldwide institutions and corporations using Source Intranet

Industry Specializations


Simplifying and automating bank operations by streamlining SOPs and centralizing internal communications.


Engaging employees & members through strengthening communications and collaboration

Non-for-Profit & Associations

Managing compliance risk and employee retention with strong document management and online training.

Professional Services

Streamlining procedures and document management through centralizing resources and communications.

Key Features

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