Covid-19 Response at IC Thrive

At IC Thrive, we'd like to ensure all our customers and partners that they have our full support during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. We want to emphasize that we are staying open, keeping the same work hours and that our service will not be affected.

IC Thrive has existing remote working policies in place, which means the team is online and ready to engage as usual, albeit from the comfort of their own homes.

Whatever your needs or concerns, we are here for you during this crisis.

Flexible payment options

We recognize we’re all experiencing unprecedented challenges during the COVID-19 crisis. To counter this, we’ve introduced flexible payment options.

From April 15 2020 we’re accepting monthly (credit card only), quarterly, or semi-annual billing by credit card, cheque, or wire transfer is accepted. Please contact our Billing Team to set up the option that works best for your organization.

Reach your employees during COVID-19

Over the next few months remote working is going to become essential to companies’ success.

Let us help you stay in touch with your team and communicate concerns over COVID-19 effectively.

We have been building a new and dynamic internal communications tool called Reach.

Reach integrates with tools your team are currently using – Microsoft Teams, Slack, SMS and email. This means you don’t need to set up a new app or train your departments to use a new software.

Not only can you reach them, but you can ensure you message is being received, and reinforced across multiple channels.

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Protect yourself, protect others

Stay up to date by following credible, official sources like the World Health Organization (WHO) and your local government health department so you can respond quickly to changes that could affect you, your employees or your customers.
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