Expand SOW with a Financial Intranet

Minimize the risk to your financial institution by increasing employee retention, decreasing compliance risk with better trained employees and simplifying policies and procedures with better documentation.

All you need, in Source

Operating expenses and capital investments are increasing year-over-year for your bank, with customers demanding extended service hours and digital banking options while compliance costs and fraud protection costs increase, it’s no wonder margins are getting tighter and tighter.

There are more variables that impact Share of Wallet (SOW) today than ever before. Prepare your employees to handle these economic and workforce changes with Source Financial Intranet Software from IC Thrive. We work with over 300 banks, credit unions and financial institutions to deliver a Finance Intranet solution that helps your employees build a thriving workplace.

Lower Risks & Better Customer Relationships

Battling against the big banks as insurance and/or mortgage specialists is a David versus Goliath equation. You need a slingshot to pierce the armour of these giants. Source provides you with that competitive edge you need to better train your employees, improve customer relationships and decrease your risk exposure.

Source Finance Intranet from IC Thrive delivers an extensive toolset with policy & procedure management for compliance management, e-learning and onboarding to increase employee retention and employee self-service to deliver the right information to employees on-demand.

Functions of a Financial Intranet

  • Keep documents organized & up to date
  • Speed up form approval processes
  • Connect with colleagues in employee directories
  • Onboard new employees faster
  • Never miss news, events, birthdays, or anniversaries

Over 300 financial institutions use Source Intranet

Finance Industry Specializations

Bank Intranets

Simplifying and automating bank operations by streamlining SOPs and centralizing internal communications.

Credit Union Intranet

Engaging employees & members through strengthening communications and collaboration

Financial Services

Managing compliance risk and employee retention with strong document management and online training.


Streamlining procedures and document management through centralizing resources and communications.

Key Features

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