IC Thrive's Story

We’re driven by the idea that everyone in every workplace should be empowered to thrive. Founded in North Vancouver, the very spirit of the North Shore’s natural history is weaved into our DNA. When we’re not coding, researching business challenges, or brainstorming strategy, you can find us trekking the trails of the North Shore, paddleboarding the Cove, or shredding a bike route on Old Buck. We can see the ski hills from our office, and we can’t imagine it any other way.

We’ve been around since 1999, and like a true 90s baby, we bridge the gap between the newest technology advancements and our people-centric work ethics. We started off in government, and organically evolved our product to be best suited for the Finance and Healthcare industries due to the highly-secure nature of an on-premise intranet.

20 years later, our strategic direction has evolved to better suit the needs of our customers and prospects. We understand that people are what powers successful businesses, so they need to be empowered with the right tools, and clear communication to achieve remarkable results. That’s why we focus on tackling one of the toughest business challenges: internal communication.

Internal communication is one of the most ubiquitous and misunderstood challenges in organizations today. We’d like to live in a world where silos and miscommunication are a distant memory, like dinosaurs, and fax machines. We work really hard every day to make that happen. By eliminating some of the barriers to a more productive and highly engaged workplace, your employees are free to focus on what they do inside the office, so they can enjoy more time out of the office, just like we do.

Our Values

Inspired People, endless possibilities

We Speak

And we work with great people from around the world.

Meet Our Team

We're a team of makers, thinkers, tinkerers, and explorers.
We love to learn, teach and laugh. Most of all, we love to empower people to build thriving workplaces.


Project Manager

Leandro is passionate about martial arts and is currently working towards drinking 500 different beers by the end of the year. Contrary to what that previous sentence insinuates, he is a very calm person. He’s known for his kind words, and contagious laugh.


Lead Technical Support Specialist

Chris has a knack for getting to the source of a problem and a hankering to fix it! When he’s not meticulously searching for a proverbial needle in a haystack, he’s off somewhere playing sports in the mountains.


Executive Team

Adhering to the highest standards of our all six of our core values, Rob is our SPICED King. He’s the one asking how your weekend was and how your kids are doing with genuine interest. When he’s not working on our strategic direction you’ll find him sniping a bar down goal or spending time with his family.


Sr. Tech Support Specialist

Fondly known as the office ‘nice guy’, DJ Karl, or IC whisperer, Karl is a master troubleshooter. When he’s not setting up cloud servers or fixing code, he’s typically found jamming out at his desk, singing, or sharing snacks. It’s good he found his passion in tech support instead of politics as he openly accepts bribery with beer, yoga retreats, and a night out.




Sergio loves to get his hands dirty with all kinds of development and systems administration, almost as much as he likes getting everything dirty on a mountain bike. Always one for a story to tell, he embodies the archetype of ‘work hard, play hard’.



Ringleader of genius concepts, Marcelo balances many important responsibilities including HR, sales, finance, leadership, and two wonderful and sassy kids. With a love of pushing the team out of our comfort zone towards strategic direction, this Brazilian hugger is our resident visionary.


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