Intranet pricing: built for your needs.

On top of the usual 100+ features and choice of hosting, Source offers 3 onboarding packages for you to choose from, depending on your organization's needs.


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How many employees are in your organization?

Secure Cloud

Let us take care of hosting and product maintenance, all within our secure cloud


Want full control? Host in your own data center and manage your intranet environment

Managed for you
Less start-up cost
Annual subscription

More control
One-time license fee
No charge for growth

Select # of Employees

total per year

Select # of Employees

One time fee. Includes 1 year of maintenance.

Hosting, your way

We make it easy for you. Whether you want to host in your own environment or our secure data center. No extra modules. No incremental charges. Simple pricing

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IC Thrive Onboarding Packages

Get the best onboarding and adoption experience. We're invested in the success of your internal communications and can accompany you on this journey. We've had a ton of practise - we've been doing it a few decades! Gain access to 20+ years of best practices, avoiding pitfalls and leveraging our expertise to help you build a thriving workplace with a powerful intranet.

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You have a clear vision, built an intranet before, and have a dedicated team.

Setup & AD integration
Self-directed training
Communications self-assessment
Post-launch review



You know what you want to accomplish, but your not totally sure how and want some guidance

Includes Basic
Launch planning
Pre-launch calls
Admin group training
Guided assessment & report
Post-launch reporting
Quarterly reviews

Add On


You just want it done properly and quickly, and need assistance to do so

Includes Basic & Essentials
Build a channel strategy
Get a custom design
We build out your site
Thorough assessment & recommendations

Add On

What's included

Our intranet software includes 100+ features. Transform the way your organization functions by fitting your intranet into a channel strategy, ensuring your intranet acts as your single source of truth, and supports your organization's goals.

It's Time to Thrive!

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Go Further with Drive Internal Communications Services

64% of Internal Communicators don't have a formal strategy. We can help you build one.
Drive internal communications services completely transforms the way your organization shares information. Empower your internal communicators to become more strategic and analytical as you grow your organization into a thriving workplace.


Find out where your internal communications are thriving or where there are opportunities to improve through one-to-one interviews.


Get a detailed report of the interviews, along with our internal communication specialist's recommendations from quick wins to long term solutions.


Get results! Drive Services specialists coach you and provides further tools to amplify your success onwards.

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