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Person using a calculator and using intranet best practices

Four important intranet best practices for financial organizations

Here are the intranet best practices we’ve uncovered after years of working closely with financial institutions all over the world.
Team working on laptops around a table on intranet governance

Four steps to improve your intranet governance

Here's how to create a solid, streamlined intranet governance structure that keeps everyone on the same page.
Employee engagement with physical activity

Creating employee engagement with physical activity: an IC Thrive s...

Over the past year, IC Thrive has been actively involved in promoting and supporting physical activity to help with employee engagement.

What is the difference between our intranet solution and SharePoint?

Many IC customers have made the switch from SharePoint. When […]
choose appropriate channel for workplace communication

See why our banking clients LOVE their company intranet [examples]

We asked five of our banking clients about their experiences with our company intranet software. Here's what they had to say.
Plane wing - migrating from a SharePoint alternative

Migrating your intranet content to a SharePoint alternative

Here are 7 tips on how to alleviate the stress and successfully migrate content when switching your intranet to a SharePoint alternative.
best sharepoint alternative

Best SharePoint alternative: why IC is the best in the business

Discover why many of our customers have switched from SharePoint to a robust SharePoint Alternative like Source by IC Thrive.
Internal communications culture for remote work

How to build a strong internal communications culture to support re...

During the pandemic, I was one of the lucky ones […]
Diversity and inclusion with your company intranet

3 ways to promote diversity & inclusion on your intranet

A 2018 Gallup report defines diversity as “the full spectrum […]
Employee wellness

Using your intranet to foster employee wellness

There are many small steps you can take to improve company culture using your intranet. Let's walk you through it.

Our guide to improving your intranet user experience

Your intranet plays a big part in your company’s harmony—even […]
Intranet software integration

It’s all in the integration: how Source intranet software connects ...

IC Thrive’s Source intranet software has a long history in the market. Developed over the past […]
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