Inspiring Internal Communicators

Make an impact with your internal communications.

What is employee engagement

IC 101: What is employee engagement?

What is employee engagement and how does it relate to internal communication? Actually, they’re much more connected […]
Effective meeting strategies – Rob Nikkel

Meeting fatigue? 5 Effective meeting strategies to a...

Drained from the influx of online meetings? Hopping from meeting to meeting every day without ever making real progress? Welcome […]
How to improve workplace communication with data

How to improve communication in the workplace with data

Analyzing data, big or small, with the right methods can help to identify patterns and find opportunities. At its core, communication […]
Onboarding remote employees – Raquel Munuera

7 Tips for onboarding remote employees

COVID-19 has brought many changes to the way we live, consume, and work. Among all the […]
Why is employee engagement important while working remotely?

4 Reasons why employee engagement is important while...

Remote working might have been thrust upon business in the last few months due to […]
How to write better emails

4 Tips to write better emails

Email is one of the most popular forms of communication in the workplace. You’re able […]
The difference between on-premise and cloud intranet

On-premise vs secure cloud intranet: which solution ...

IC Thrive Source intranet was only available as an on-premise software solution for many years. This meant […]
Why you need an employee feedback culture – Erin Raimondo

6 Ways to foster an employee feedback culture

One of the more slippery areas we look at when we’re assessing the internal communications landscape of […]
Getting the internal communication metrics that matter

IC 101: Communication metrics that matter

Effective communication in the workplace … Pipe dream mentioned in numerous vision and mission statements or something […]
Improve your workplace communication in 5 days with an intranet

Fire up your communication in the workplace 5 days

We are very proud (and excited) to announce Source Quick Launch, an offer that will see you […]
Lessons from COVID-19: remote working and more

4 Lessons from the crisis: from remote working to so...

Winston Churchill famously said, “those that fail to learn from history, are doomed to repeat it.” When […]
Communicating bad news – Erin Raimondo

Communicating bad news

Humans have many ways to talk about communicating bad news. We “hate to be the bearer […]
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