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    Sun Peaks saves over 60 hours of admin work using Reach to engage their famously inaccessible staff.
  • IC Source delivered a non-technical solution for a centralized location where all policies, manuals and standards could be stored and easily shared amongst new acquisitions, without accruing costs.
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    Wyandot BHN
  • SEDC wanted an employee-centric cultural shift and created a community that their employees are proud to be a part of.
  • Facing an ever-growing workforce, the District of West Vancouver needed a place for employees to find each other and maintain useful contact.
  • Westminster Canterbury was fed up with the exorbitant costs associated with their SharePoint intranet, as well as the lack of ability to make changes.
  • IC Thrive provided a platform usable by Huron County’s entire staff, regardless of their level of technical ability.
  • Anderson Hospital made the switch from an aging and slow homegrown intranet to a full-functionality, easy-to-implement, intranet solution.
  • Making the switch from a difficult-to administer intranet to make it easier for employees to locate resources in an easy-to-use intranet.
  • Summit Funding saw that 80.7% of its 800 plus employees accessed the intranet within the first month.
  • Travis Credit Union replaced Microsoft FrontPage with IC Source and saved thousands of IT hours while becoming the go-to resource for company materials.
  • InTouch Credit Union was frustrated with disorganized internal communication and document management.
  • Pima Federal Credit Union wanted to connect geographically distant employees and replicate workplace culture online.
  • With their existing solution slowly worsening, INPACT needed an affordable, feature-rich solution that could function for members across 3 regions.
  • Diversified search was in need of a solution that would improve productivity and collaboration, at a more affordable cost.

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