Success Stories

Get inspired by organizations who have built thriving workplaces

  • Making the switch from a difficult-to administer intranet to make it easier for employees to locate resources in an easy-to-use intranet.
  • Summit Funding saw that 80.7% of its 800 plus employees accessed the intranet within the first month.
    Summit Funding Case Study
  • 100% employee adoption rate on their intranet
  • With their existing solution slowly worsening, INPACT needed an affordable, feature-rich solution that could function for members across 3 regions.
  • Westminster Canterbury was fed up with the exorbitant costs associated with their SharePoint intranet, as well as the lack of ability to make changes.
  • InTouch Credit Union was frustrated with disorganized internal communication and document management.
  • Pima Federal Credit Union wanted to connect geographically distant employees and replicate workplace culture online.
  • $11,000 3rd party consultant fees saved/year
  • Rio Rancho Public Schools needed a central location to store documents, reduce paper-based processes and streamline employee onboarding.
  • Gold Coast Hospital wanted to improve business processes and productivity with an intranet that would help staff and patients.
  • Redwood Capital Bank had no prior online system in place to assist with daily work tasks.

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