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Discover more ways to turn your organization into a thriving workplace with resources on department-specific uses, employee engagement, internal communications and more

IT Guide to a simple intranet

The IT Guide To A Simple Intranet

Our intranet software is simple to set-up, delegate, manage, maintain and use which means most of our intranet admins only dedicate a few hours a week to ensure the intranet is doing its job.
The HR Guide to an Engaged Workplace

The HR Guide to an Engaged Workplace

In one way or another, every department in a company serves employees to some extent and needs to be represented on a company intranet.

Your Intranet Journey

Build a better social intranet: this eBook will teach you how! Employees want to feel that company leaders care about them;
Corporate Whitepaper

Intranet Whitepaper

Our Corporate Intranet Software includes built-in features that make your business more effective and efficient

Top 10 Things in an Intranet

The search is on! You are looking for an intranet solution that solves the internal collaboration, communication and workflow problems your company faces.

IC's intranet guide for executives

Being the leader or the ‘face’ of the company can sometimes dehumanize you to your employees. You become woven into the fabric of the company.
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