Intranet Design

Color Schemes

Tips for selecting an appropriate color scheme for your intranet design, as well as current design trends for color – no graphic design experience necessary!

Brand Building

How to get your organization’s brand on the intranet to ensure your intranet is recognizable to employees, including a real life intranet design example.

Consistent Themes

Learn how colors, graphics and fonts affect your intranet’s theme, and gain ideas for creating, changing or updating your intranet design theme.

Engaging Name & Persona

Ideas for coming up with an engaging intranet name and persona. Putting a name and face to your intranet instantly boosts engagement and adoption.

Solid Architecture

Best practices for information architecture and intuitive navigation. In additional, tips for using Mega Menus effectively to save intranet real-estate.

Intranet Design Examples

Along with intranet design tips and best practices, discover real life design examples from some of our intranet champions!

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