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Connect employees to information and see productivity, employee morale, and collaboration skyrocket with IC's intranet software.

Secure Cloud Intranet

Let us take care of hosting and product maintenance, all within our secure cloud

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✔ Less capital up front

On-Premise Intranet

Host in your own data center and manage your intranet environment

✔ Lower cost
✔ More control

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IC Thrive allows you to

I Connect With my Employees

An intranet is more than just a document management system, or communication tool.
It's the central hub for connecting employees, sharing purpose, and fostering a culture full of confident, happy employees.

Peer to Peer

Inspire your staff by building relationships online and offline. Get to know each other by encouraging thoughtful employee profiles.

People to Purpose

We are living in a purpose-driven market, and need to include the entire organization in the journey. Make sure staff understand your strategic direction. Show how each individual contributes to the goal. Share your company’s vision, mission, and core values.

Purpose to Prosperity

Share company goals, strategic direction, and milestones. The more involved your staff are, the more inspired they will be to help you achieve great things.

Prosperity in Personalization

And it all comes back to the employees. An intranet software helps your organization build the community your employees are proud to be a part of.

  • I love that through our own support and blog, [we can] get ideas to involve staff along the way. We have a lot of content available they could leverage for their own training. IC Thrive is unique in that.

    Marian Doucette

    Online Communications Coordinator  - Huron County
  • One of the biggest reasons we have stayed with IC over the years is the support team. From the very beginning, they’ve just bent over backward. I haven't worked with anybody who hasn't been knowledgeable, professional, pleasant to work with and just so helpful.

    Mara Ambrose

    Executive Director - INPACT
  • When you’re dealing with as many resources and coworkers as we do, to be able to look them up and connect with them in a fast-paced environment, [Source] is the tool. No matter where an employee is or what sort of computing device they’re using, this co-created database has become West Vancouver municipal government’s most widely used electronic resources.

    Kristin Wilkes

    Senior Manager, Information Technology Services - District of West Vancouver
  • Source by IC Thrive provided a system for internal communication that fostered relationship building. It has drastically improved employee morale and comradery, contributing to a real team dynamic within the company.

    Nell McCauley

    Communications Advisor - SEDC
  • Our previous intranet was so difficult to use, I had to run a half day training session just for the end users. Anything more advanced like form building required HTML code, and not everyone can do it, even with training. With Source by IC Thrive, admin training is minimal because all the custom coding is already done. End users no longer require training because the interface is so intuitive. We bought it and boom out of the box – you have a house built.

    Kelly Swanson

    Sr. E-commerce Analyst - Travis Credit Union
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