Digital Workplace

Rethinking the way we do work. Engaging remote employees, boosting productivity, making the workplace more inclusive and accessible, see how our customers have used IC Source to turn their digital workplaces into thriving workplaces.

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Empowering internal communicators with solution-driven software

Empowering internal communicators with solution-driven software


I Create A Thriving Digital Workplace

With remote employees, flexible schedules, offices spanning across borders and time zones, the digital workplace experience is evolving quickly. Make sure your employees are set up with everything they need to access in one central, secure, thriving digital workplace.

Leave Old Ways Behind

Gone are the days ruled by long meetings, interruptive phone calls, and endless paperwork.

Spread Community

Creating a community online strengthens the bond between your employees that supersedes physical structures.

Get Work Done

Make work life better with over a hundred tools that help your employees access files they need, share information, get to know one another, feel valued, and perform better to create a digital workplace that thrives.

Provide a Single Source of Truth

Your digital workplace should act as what we call a 'single source of truth' - the place where your employees go to find what they need, and trust what they find.

Strategic communication support

Our team of specialists is equipped with best practices to support your strategy and help you execute your plan. We believe in sharing what we know and building a community of like-minded individuals so that you have resources and support whenever you need it.

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Source by IC Thrive's digital workplace software has gone far above and beyond my expectations! We are still discovering new features and functionality in this comprehensive platform years after launching our intranet. It’s rare nowadays that you find such an outstanding product, simple to use and the support staff are more like friends helping you out than the all too often standoffish support we’ve grown accustomed to dealing with from most other organizations.

Christian Mulvey

VP Information Technology - Texas Partners Federal Credit Union