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Our team is dedicated to supporting internal communicators, whether it's your full-time job or a side task. With Drive, you will become more strategic and analytical, while executing your communications more efficiently to move your business forward.

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Drive by IC Thrive is a strategic partnership that supports your organization over the short, medium and long term. Effective internal communications increase productivity, improves employee experience and positively reinforce culture at any organization.



First you are guided through an assessment of the current state of your internal communications. Discover what areas your organization is thriving in, and where there are opportunities to improve. With Drive Premium services, you'll gain a deeper understanding of internal communications with employee validation.



You'll receive a report with our findings along with recommendations on what to prioritize, industry best practices, and Drive's proprietary tools and templates to improve your internal communications; from quick wins to long-term solutions.



Drive Premium Services supports you with ongoing coaching, solutions to roadblocks that arise, and advice to make sure you’re moving the needle and getting results.

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The Drive Team

Dedicated to helping you take on a more strategic role in your organization, the Drive team is here to give internal communicators clarity, tools and advice on the strategic and tactical best practices that will help you build a thriving workplace.


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Internal Communications Specialist

  • The Drive Team conducted thorough interviews and provided a comprehensive review of our internal communications program which helped us take a step back and align our intranet with strategic priorities. These included targeted messaging, audience segmentation, and analytics. We now have measurable initiatives to benchmark against for the upcoming year.
    Rita Johal-Johnson Senior Manager of Internal Communications - BRG

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