Employee Engagement

An emotionally involved workforce
is the most profound asset


I Celebrate a thriving workplace

Build a workplace that your employees are proud to be a part of.

Provide the tools to succeed

Empower your employees to thrive with access to all the tools they need to excel at your organization. With features like polls, recognition, and multi-touch communication channels, you’re developing employee morale, engagement, and ultimately setting your team up for success.

Share clear direction

Empower your employees with the authority to make informed decisions. Use IC Source to define and communicate the vision, strategic direction, and objectives of your organization. Once you establish a balance between empowerment and direction, you’ll see emotional investment flourish.

Start from day one

Bring your employees to their full potential by providing a comprehensive onboarding package and ongoing training opportunities. Take advantage of the onboarding tools in IC Source and use the training calendar to keep them up to date on certifications and education.


I Celebrate a thriving workplace

Build a workplace that your employees are proud to be a part of.

Connecting to a higher purpose

When the company culture resonates with employees, they in turn become more committed to their jobs.

Use IC Source to get your values to resonate

Demonstrate the impact your employees have by sharing stories and videos on IC Source ’s storyboard. Share company values, purpose, and your rallying cry throughout the intranet. Weave it into your onboarding and training programs, meetings, and events.

A platform for participation
Provide a platform for collaboration that transcends geographic locations, departments, and schedules allow for more people to join forces.

Have fun
Get creative on how to engage your employees with the company culture. Use the events calendar to RSVP to company events, volunteering in the community, pot lucks, and more. Run contests to discover secret talents of your staff - your only limit is your imagination!


I Celebrate a thriving workplace

Build a workplace that your employees are proud to be a part of.

Professional development

Set the team up for success by tapping in to a suite of intranet engagement tools. With online training calendars to user-friendly directories and surveys, IC Source has all the tools your company needs to foster engagement and team spirit.


With more employees working remotely and the convenience of online learning tools, why not move employee training online? It's more convenient, and the resources and costs savings you can yield is significant.

Personal development

Advancing careers don't just benefit the organization, it assists personal growth as well. It leads to lower stress, fewer sick days, happier customers and more.

Employee retention

Employee job satisfaction is key to employee retention. Demonstrate you care about their personal lives and professional goals by taking action to support them.


I Celebrate a thriving workplace

Build a workplace that your employees are proud to be a part of.

Celebrate accomplishments

Show your employees you care with publicly recognizing their contributions, celebrating wins, and honoring long time employees.

Never miss a milestone

IC Source will notify the rest of the organization on milestones like birthdays and work anniversaries. It’s also a great spot to highlight a featured employee or share wins throughout the year.

Clear the path to productivity

Take away unnecessary workplace hassles – looking up that vacation form; trying to find a buried document – providing employees with less stress and frustration.

Listen for feedback
IC Source ’s employee engagement software provides multi-way internal communication. It allows company-wide news, peer-to-peer communication, and employee to leadership communication, providing a sense of community and belonging.

“A digital workplace can make human connection a challenge. With the help of IC, we implemented multiple strategies to boost employee engagement, and they worked. It's much easier to get to know each other, and employee morale has soared.”

Nell McCauley:

Communications Advisor - SEDC


See Engagement Soar with IC

Employee engagement software from IC has helped out customers with better staff retention, increased productivity, better customer service, improved employee morale and more. Read about how we can help your company reach your goals too.

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