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Knowledge Management Software

The entirety of your teams knowledge
stored in one, easily accessible, central location.

I Combine all the knowledge of our team to thrive

Empower your people with the with the privilege to make informed decisions with the collective knowledge of your organization.

Build your collective knowledge

Whether it's sales numbers, business trends, continuing education courses, or conferences attended, don't restrict the knowledge gained to one person or lose it when they leave the company.

Take the work out of search

IC Source 's intranet software comes with a powerful enterprise search capabilities that deliver accurate search results to get employees the information they need faster.

Broaden their potential

Your employees are capable of having a remarkable effect, but they waste time completing tasks that have already been done. Make sure the same work isn't done twice by storing all your articles, FAQs, discussion forums, documents, and more is kept organized and accessible in IC Source 's knowledge management software.

One of our members often says that “knowledge is power; shared knowledge is even more powerful.” Our intranet is the number one tool we use to share knowledge and resources and add value to each firm’s membership. It’s secure, searchable, and organized. We love it.

Mara Ambrose

Executive Director - INPACT


Knowledge Management Software

Discover all the ways IC Source helps your team grow it's intellectual powerhouse.

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