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Get a SharePoint alternative, with a simple, all-in-one intranet. Eliminate complexity, frustration and custom code.
With Source, no IT experience required. No more expensive third party resources to manage and maintain your intranet.

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I Choose simplicity

Gone are the days of arduous custom coding in a complex environment. With IC, revel in the easy to build, easy to use, easy to love intranet that both the administrator, and your end users will love.

100+ features included

Stop paying for features! Everything is pre built-in to your intranet at no added cost to you, as opposed to SharePoint, where the more you want the more you pay.

Take guesswork out of your budget

With IC, you know exactly how much it will cost you. With on-premise, we don't charge for growth, and if your user base decreases with cloud, so do your costs.

No third party consultants

With a quick start implementation included, and unlimited product support, we've eliminated the need for expensive consultants.

Simplify everything

Creating a poll in sharepoint, active directory integration, policy and procedure management, megamenu, web form builder, an onboarding template or extranet best practices are all time consuming and complicated with SharePoint. These tools all come prebuilt in Source.

“I was spending about 3-4 hours a week trying to work with SharePoint. With Source , I’ve been spending about 15 minutes a week. Tasks such as adding a new employee to the People Directory only takes seconds. Set up and implementation that previously took half a day with SharePoint take two minutes with Source.”

Millie Francis

VP of Data and Technology at Diversified Search

“There is no way that we would have been able to have the same conversations with Microsoft (Sharepoint) that we have had and could have with IC Thrive. (...) If a functionality isn't available, IC is always willing to take suggestions for future development.
And they have!”

Tim McCoy

Vice President of Marketing & ECommerce, InTouch Credit Union

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