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Free Onboarding Resources

With a 'train the trainer' model,
we do everything to make sure you get up and running.

Custom Demo

Rewatch the live demo from your account executive. This was tailored to your company’s pain points and will help serve as a refresher, taking you through the most relevant parts of the intranet.

On Demand Webinars

We provide webinars on different functions of the intranet software such as Admin and Security, Design, Documents and Forms as well as sites apps pages and widgets. We encourage you to watch these webinars and ask questions.

Help Center

Our Help center has lots of in depth step by step 'how-to' articles on getting started, admin settings, intranet architecture, best practices as well as technical articles for more complex issues.

One-on-One Sessions

During onboarding, you'll have the opportunity to sit down with a product specialist who will address your specific intranet project needs. The first session is included with the option to add more hours.

Moments of Magic


"The customer service we receive from Intranet Connections (now IC Thrive) is always exceptional! The response is always timely, courteous and so helpful. On this particular case, Tabish had to follow up for quite some time as we had to get all the right people involved on our end. Tabish was patient and followed up until it was resolved. Again, top notch customer service and we are so appreciative!"



Exceptional. Our environment was built without using the defaults in the support guide prior to anyone's tenure. Normally, this would make receiving support tedious. Adding even more of a wrench into receiving support from a PST based support model is being in EST and receiving a request for an Emergency Change on Thursday evening for the following Monday. Nevertheless, we did receive support and it was exceptional support. Twice as a matter-of-fact for the same request. Greg's expert level knowledge of the subject matter and mastery of his craft not only allowed us to meet an extraordinary timeline but allowed us to do so without a single interruption or loss of service. We also learned what we were doing and how we can self-sustain in the event that we come face-to-face with an issue outside of normal support windows. As someone in a support role that's not customer facing, I appreciate being able to contact support and receive solid technical solutions every time without fail. That's what I get when I contact support from IC. Thank you, again for keeping us out of the woods and thank you for being there outside of normal support windows.


Every municipality needs an IC Source !" It's an integral piece of software for them. It fills the gaps that specialized/enterprise software they use can't. Our intranet has allowed their volunteer fire department to be 100% paperless and eliminate meetings for senior management. They're able to communicate and get things done with the intranet saving countless hours of time.



Over the past four months, your staff has been instrumental in assisting us with support and best practice suggestions along the way and I wanted to take a moment to let you know that your support team goes above and beyond!!! We are truly grateful for your team and very pleased with our decision to partner with IC as our Intranet Software Provider.


I greatly enjoyed working with everyone involved. One of the best experiences getting a technically complex solution running I've ever had. Keep up the good work!



Karl and Chris are always so helpful and will jump in on each other’s ticket when the need arises. I appreciate their thoroughness and teamwork in helping to get this newbie more familiar with the software as well as quickly resolve issues. Thanks guys!


As always, many thanks for the support that you provide. I continue to love the IC platform and admire all your staff.



Thank you! Your team has done an excellent job of assisting us through the process and I look forward to the onboarding.


Thank you so much for the snack package! It was such a nice surprise and really means a lot. I’m sharing the treats with the creative strategy team here. Happy holidays.



You’ve all been very supportive and it’s been a pleasure working with you all. Also, congrats on the new branding! I’m loving the new logo! PS, Tell Karl I said hi, and that he’s awesome!


I have to say that IC has one of the most responsive customer support/service groups I’ve ever worked with – my emails are always answered within a few hours and your team worked until the issue was resolved or my questions were answered.



I worked with Karl and Tabish today when I ran into problems trying to get the site upgraded to support SSL. They were able to help me right away and bail me out with a minimum of downtime. I could not ask for better support. Thanks guys!


It was refreshing to get such a quick response from a company. This is my first ticket with IC but I would rate A+ for the answer and quick response. Thank you!



Hats off to you Tabish! You are picking things up super quick here, and even though I know this case was a group effort with Chris, you were the face of IC to Jeremy and did a splendid job. Well done mate.

Service Levels

We provide unlimited product support as part of your annual maintenance fee. If your issue is beyond a product issue, we’ll do our best to diagnose the issue and point you in the right direction.

This includes access to our Help Center, updates and upgrades, and self-directed training resources & on-demand webinars

We believe a balanced approach gets the best results, as opposed to strict service level agreements and tiered models. All times are measured from your initial submission of a ticket.

Responses to defects will be guided by the combined severity reported and the priority set internally by us.

Severity 1 (urgent)

Site down, corruption data loss, or Defect that (a) causes loss of, or significant impairment of, a business-critical function, (b) creates or poses a material risk to the security or integrity of your data, property or equipment, or (c) creates or poses a material risk to the safety or security of any person.

Initial Human Response: One Business Hour

Resolution Or Workaround: Two Business Days

Severity 2 (High)

Defect that results in (a) some user inconvenience, or (b) loss or impairment of important functionality other than business-critical functionality.

Initial Human Response: Two Business Hours

Resolution Or Workaround: Ten Business Days

Severity 3 (Normal)

General questions, or a Defect that results in (a) minor user inconvenience, or (b) loss or impairment of non-critical or non-important functionality.

Initial Human Response: Four Business Hours

Resolution Or Workaround: Commercially reasonable efforts

You are in
Good Hands

Our customer experience team are highly skilled, technical wizards who know the product inside and out. From onboarding to product support, to ongoing mentorship in our IC drive program, you can trust that you'll be speaking to someone knowledgeable, passionate, and helpful.

Michelle Duong

Customer Success Manager

Lover of a good verbal ‘light bulb’ moment, and our resident WoW expert, Michelle is a ‘priest’ (healer) both online and on the phone. When she's not at work or gaming, you’ll find her playing one of her 400+ boardgames.

Laurie Geenen

Director of Customer Experience

Laurie leads the service team with a drive more powerful than her BMW Sertão. She enjoys helping people, flexing her management muscle and keeping the service team in line. Line dance that is, dancing to DJ Karl’s Friday afternoon beats.

Karl Hautamaki

Technical Support Rep

Fondly known as the office ‘nice guy’, DJ Karl, or IC whisperer, Karl is a master troubleshooter. He’s typically found jamming out at his desk, singing, setting up servers or fixing code. It’s good he found his passion in tech instead of politics as he accepts bribery in beer, and yoga retreats.

Tabish Shaikh

Technical Support Rep

With a diploma, a degree, and a certificate, Tabish is a highly educated perpetual learner which makes him an exceptional root cause analytic. When he’s not investigating a problem, you’ll find him deep in a VR mission, kicking around a soccer ball, or cheering on a FIFA game.


Floor Manager

IC is Bender’s second career after retiring from being a canine blood donor. He has over 12 years of experience testing floors for durability and comfort. When he’s not managing the floor you may find him playing fetch, checking the recycling bin for cardboard to chew, or napping.

Chris Duehrsen

Lead Support Tech

Chris has a knack for getting to the source of a problem and a hankering to fix it! When he’s not meticulously searching for a proverbial needle in a haystack, he’s off somewhere playing sports in the mountains.

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