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From Internal Communications

Julie is responsible for creating and implementing integrated communication strategies across the entire organization. This is how she managed to get everyone on the same page using IC Thrive's Drive internal communications services & Source intranet software.

Jens's Background

Julie has the gift of the gab, she’s a talented writer, mentor, and marketing maven. She’s high functioning, organized and very meticulous.

She accomplishes incredible things every day. She loves creative problem solving and considers herself ‘a doer’. She doesn’t just come up with great ideas, she actions them.

Her passion is writing. In addition to all the internal communications she does within her organization, she overlooks the PR, and has a personal blog she uses to empower other women.

She’s highly skilled in interpersonal relationships, knows herself well, and knows how to motivate and persuade.

Her Problem

Julie spends all day sending meticulously crafted communications, but people are still not getting the message.

There is a huge problem with employees showing up late to meetings unprepared, complaining about missing deadlines they weren’t aware of, or training courses they didn’t know they could sign up for.

She’s frustrated because she is responsible for communicating this information to the organization, which she is, but email is failing her. So she has reluctantly fallen into the trap of manually checking in with each person, over text and on the phone to make sure the emails have been read.

Hearing over and over again ‘ sorry I missed it’ ‘didn’t read the whole message’ or simply ‘ I didn’t have time to get to it’ she’s heard every excuse. Her company has been in a major growth spurt, meaning she’s spending more and more time ticking people off her list leaving less time for thoughtfully crafting messages.

Results After Using IC

Having an intranet completely changed the way Julie communicates with her team, and within her organization.

She’s now able to focus on what she does best - writing. By reducing her reliance on email, Julie is now able to get the right message to the right person at the right time.

Employee morale has skyrocketed. Accountability has shifted from the communicator to the employee.

Social events have greater participation, and job postings receive more internal applicants. Her peers have become self-sufficient - being able to find the information they need on their own.

Instead of emailing company-wide announcements, PR and news, she’s able to post directly in the company news and highlight visually in the storyboard.

How Did IC Help?

Julie posts internal job postings, company events, blogs, and company-wide announcements to the company news regularly, highlighting the most important announcements in the storyboard.

She schedules meetings in the department calendars, and includes what to prepare ahead of time, with a read and agree sent to each attendee.

She also shares trivia ‘guess who’ facts about employees, the winner gets awarded with a coffee, encouraging everyone to read each other’s employee profiles.

Once a month she highlights someone who has done exceptional work in order to publicly recognize their contributions to the company, which has been great for the introverts who sometimes get overlooked.

With the help of IC, Julie has created a community for staff to feel a part of.


The homepage is especially helpful for sharing important news, linking digital materials, community engagement, and team building. It’s also used for bypassing other directories in order to provide employees with an easy way to learn about their colleagues (and deduce who to contact when a need arises), even for educating employees about our customers so they can see the difference they are making in their work.

Nell McCauley

Communications Advisor - SEDC

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