Meet Daisy

From the marketing department

IC's intranet software for marketers helps Daisy collaborate with her team, share inspiring content, and build brand ambassadors out of her colleagues.

Daisy's Background

She's the senior VP of marketing for a company, and has been at the organization for 21 years.

Daisy is a people pleaser, which bodes well with her career as a marketer.

She appreciates her job but she often feels a bit ‘bogged down’ with her workload.

She is a great multitasker, but juggling all the marketing and advertising activities, taking care of the internal communication, and preparing reports… well, she certainly has a lot on her shoulders.

Her Problem

Overall, Daisy is in charge of making sure current customers are happy, finding and attracting new customers, maintaining a positive perception of the organization from a public standpoint, and bring the brand to life both externally and within the organization.

Daisy barely has enough time to ensure she generates a constant flow of new business, let alone share information across departments and create a strong culture of employees as brand advocates.

She sends out daily emails but feels that they are not being read, which just adds to her frustration.

Results After Using IC

Much of her collaborative work transferred from email and meetings to using the IC platform.

Employees were kept up-to-date with the latest company information, and she even found new talent from the current employee pool.

After positive engagement with staff, she decided to test a few marketing ideas by putting them up on the IC for employee engagement and discovered through the comments that an employee with a writing background has a talent for synthesizing complex ideas into quotable text.

How Did IC Help?

With IC, Daisy was able to create a strong culture of employees as brand advocates by implementing select IC tools and generating a sense of fun within the company.

She's not an IT professional, and does not have time learn software that's overly complex or code-driven, so she was glad that IC was easy and intuitive to navigate.

She also found that IC’s collaboration tools helped her and her team work more productively on the countless projects that used to pile up on her desk.


Amica Senior Lifestyles was going through a series of acquisitions. We needed a central platform to share the company objectives, and keep everyone in the know. IC made it easy for us to bring more value to our employees, and the client experience.

Sarah Santaluce

Manager, Strategic Brand Partnerships - Amica Senior Lifestyles

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