Meet Jessica

From the human resources department

Jessica is responsible for talent acquisition, administering and supporting HR systems and processes to ensure efficient and reliable access to information.

Jens's Background

Jessica works in HR for an organization with over 800 full-time employees.

She has a strong public administration and human resources background and has been in her latest position for four years.

Her main role is to administer and support HR systems and processes to ensure efficient and reliable access to information.

This entails developing and maintaining a technology strategy as programs and information are increasingly digitized.

She spends a lot of time updating policies to ensure they remain current and align with legislation and labor contracts.

Her Problem

Maintaining an awareness of current trends in the HR processes and updating HR materials to reflect legislative changes is key to her job, but employees do not always know where to locate the proper forms or policies they need when they need them.

While she considers herself a 'people person', Jessica nevertheless would like to spend less time replying to emails requesting what she considers basic information.

Moreover, as employees increasingly work offsite from the central office, it is important to keep employees up-to-date digitally, yet emails often get ignored and buried.

How Did IC Help?

Jessica uses IC’s Human Resources intranet site to showcase HR content in a self-serve environment for employees.

It allows for quick access to HR resources, employee events calendar, information, training, forms, and documents.

The Human Resources intranet site, which is a powerhouse of information, is pre-built, allowing Jessica to easily insert, delete, and update documents without requiring technical training.

Employees find it easy to access and navigate, saving Jessica time from constantly responding to policy and administration inquires, so she can focus more on service development, delivery, and support.

When a new policy is announced she also includes a message summarizing its purpose and any meaningful changes on the front page.

Results After Using IC

There is a noticeable boost in employee morale. People speak more passionately about the projects they are working on, they take on more initiatives. People are more engaged in their work because they can see how their efforts directly related to the company's business objectives.


I finally have what I want and what the company needs for our social intranet: a modern, user-friendly, intuitive site. None of our intranet redesign would have been possible were it not for the efforts put forth by the Intranet Connections Support Team. These guys rock, and I would give them a 10 out of 10 on every scale.

Katy Fisk

HR Manager - Trintech

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