Meet Jack

Jack is in the IT Department

Jack is the Senior VP of IT at a company with over 300 employees. Here’s how Jack used IC to make productivity skyrocket and save his organization thousands of hours a year.

Jack's Background

Jack has a computer science degree, and over 15 years of experience. He's worked at the company since the inauguration of the intranet, and worked his way up ever since.

He is responsible for overseeing the execution of the company’s technology and data-driven strategies.

He also leads and manages the implementation of information systems that will create efficiencies that produce superb unit economics and sustainable competitive advantages.

A few years back the organization decided they wanted an intranet, so he built one in house. It worked for a few years, although it was time consuming to upload content, and users had to be trained to navigate the platform.

His Problem

Over the years the intranet continued to expand and become more complicated, with new functionalities packed onto one another. It because very confusing to manage, and difficult for users to find was they need.

Jack would hold bi-annual training sessions, but eventually, the whole platform was so complex, it was easier for the employees just to ask Jack himself.

Every morning, Jack would open his email to hundreds of new messages. ‘What’s the wifi password?’, ‘how do I get into my voicemail account?’, ‘can you upload this form for me onto the intranet?’.

By the time he actually got to spend some time on his tasks, it was close to 5 o'clock. With his task list is growing faster then he could possibly tick off, he felt like he was constantly trying to catch up with no avail.

How Did IC Help?

IC hub's intranet software provided an out-of-the-box intranet solution that is so simple to use, the IT team no longer had to administer it.

Jack liked how the IC Source came with over 100 built-in features, with no coding required. He was finally able to pass the responsibility of managing team pages to other departments.

They were up and running with an on-premise intranet in less than 90 days, using with the complimentary ‘quick start’ onboarding package, which saved thousands of dollars.

Jack’s favorite part is that the wifi password, voicemail access instructions, and other FAQs are now stored accessible in the knowledge management software from IC, so he no longer feels like it’s groundhog day, repeating these instructions. Purchasing IC Source cut down his task list by half and depleted his daily emails.

Results After Using IC

Jack loves his work. Now, he has time to focus on all the tasks that previously got pushed as side.

Departments can now add their own widgets that work for their teams, even adding a 'spin the lunch wheel' if no one can decide where to go eat. Something that was so low on Jack's priority list, it never would have gotten completed in house.

Employee morale is up throughout the entire organization. Employees feel there is more transparency, and no longer feel restricted to pertinent information. Departments can post what they want when they want to, without having to ask.

Best of all, managing the intranet went from a full-time job to a few minutes a week.


I use to spend days training people multiple times a year just so they could navigate the intranet. We bought IC Source and boom out of the box – you have a house built. The time-savings is incalculable. It’s in the thousands and thousands

Kelly Swanson

Sr. E-commerce Analyst - Travis Credit Union

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