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Whether it be reducing approval times from six weeks to one day, keeping the best employees loyal, or navigating the challenges of a newly-remote workforce, IC Thrive customers are empowered to build thriving workplaces.

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  • IC's intranet software provided a system for internal communication that fostered relationship building. It has drastically improved employee morale and camaraderie, contributing to a real team dynamic within the company.

    Nell McCauley

    Communications Advisor - SEDC
  • Our previous intranet was so difficult to use, I had to run a half-day training session just for the end-users. Anything more advanced like form building required HTML code, and not everyone can do it, even with training. With IC's intranet software, admin training is minimal because all the custom coding is already done. End-users no longer require training because the interface is so intuitive.

    Kelly Swanson

    Sr. E-commerce Analyst - Travis Credit Union
  • When you’re dealing with as many resources and coworkers as we do, to be able to look them up and connect with them in a fast-paced environment, IC's intranet software is the tool. No matter where an employee is or what sort of computing device they’re using, this co-created database has become West Vancouver municipal government’s most widely used electronic resource.

    Kristin Wilkes

    Senior Manager, Information Technology Services - District of West Vancouver
  • One of the biggest reasons we have stayed with IC over the years is the support team. From the very beginning, they’ve just bent over backward. I haven't worked with anybody who hasn't been knowledgeable, professional, pleasant to work with and just so helpful.

    Mara Ambrose

    Executive Director - INPACT
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    IC is awesome. They have been easy to work with and I sing their praises! They provide top-notch software and support that can’t be beaten. We are so happy we found IC's intranet software.

    Kelly Bourdeau


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